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Double guinnes for our TEXAN, today renewed in newest version 2.0
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Lowest altitude aircraft formation flight

The lowest altitude aircraft formation flight is 422 m (1,384 ft 6.14 in) below sea level, achieved by the Israeli Association of Light Sport Aviation (ILSA) along the shore of the Dead Sea, Israel, on 23 November 2013.

A total of six Texan 4X- aircraft flew in formation during the record attempt. The event was organised by Dan Sion (Israel).
The Texan is a two seat ultra-light plane. As a true three-axis low wing aircraft, it has been designed to get maximum performance when compared to the more traditional aircraft designs. With its high aerodynamic efficiency the Texan is a master at short take-off and landing runs, rapid climbs and fast cruises with modest fuel consumptions. A unique feature of the Texan design is the elevated level of flight comfort for the pilot and passenger alike. With excellent views, extra cabin space and the very low noise level inside the cockpit, occupants can now enjoy comforts usually found only in commercial aircraft.
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