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Blois 2013 - France

FlySynthesis was present at the recent event Bam which was held every year in neighbouring France.
This was an opportunity to present the renewed sales team.
The new dealer, Samir Elari, will follow the French market in collaboration with the Belgian dealers, consolidated Paul Bernard.
Here are some pictures of the event.

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Riding The Skies - presentation


Bassano del Grappa 11 April 2013

Dear Sirs,
here is a brief presentation of the sports company we're going to do starting next October 5.
The enterprise consists of an air raid from Cassola (VI) and arriving in Sydney (Australia)
Title of the mission: RIDING THE SKIES;
• BISA Roberto, 1966 class (TV) residing in Vicolo Magee 3 31050 POVEGLIANO (TV) hold regular flight ULM patent and license GL.
• FORATO Antonio 1963 class residing in Via Pieve 118 31033 Castelfranco Veneto (TV), holding regular flight ULM patent 5 October 2013 16

Departure Been crossed:-Italy, Greece, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor, Australia.
40 airports concerned;

Means:-two small aircraft super-lightweight (regularly register p.sso AeCI) carrying only two pilots, departing from Bassano del Grappa (VI), Sydney (Australia) along a path of 22,000 miles.
Airplane nr.1 FLYSYNTESYS 1 TOP 100 Freshman the TEXAN-8018
Airplane nr. 2 TECHNAM P 92 EAGLET Freshman I-9891,
uniqueness lies in the fact that this is a flight ever made for this type of aircraft,
which has a very low cruising speed 180/200 km/h, and a limited autonomy.

WORLD RECORD: given the uniqueness of the mission we have already asked for instructions to obtain the registration of the enterprise in the Guinness World records.

Current situation:-we pretty much got all the overflight permissions by countries concerned;
-We are supported by FlySynthesis in the setting up of the Texan TOP Class 100
-We are working on the logistics aspect of the enterprise with the preparation of two means employed, which are our property, and all you need to accomplish the feat.
-The means will be equipped with two/three cameras each, to use the various moments of the enterprise.
-We've already got the support of some major sponsors;
-We developed graphics for brochures, posters, flyers, etc.
-We have an internet site (www.ridingtheskies.com) where, in real time, you can follow the route of aircraft, and where every night we will post photos and log-book-we're entertaining contacts (some already well underway) with some of the most important broadcasters, and also all magazines. We are proud to announce that they have reached the following patrons:-we have obtained the patronage of the REGIONE VENETO-we got the patronage of the town of Cassola (VI);
-We got the patronage of the municipality of Bassano del Grappa (VI);
-We got the patronage of Castelfranco Veneto (VI);
-We have obtained the patronage of the Italian Association of the pioneers of flight;
-We have obtained the patronage of the Italian Association of Atlantic Trasvolatori;
-We asked for, and it is being defined the patronage of Military Aviation.

As you will see, organize an undertaking of this kind requires dedication and enormous efforts.
We have done the best that we have been possible but for the success of the mission, we also need your collaboration.


RIDING THE SKIES - Officially sponsored by Flysynthesis



Take-off is scheduled for October 2013 from the airfield of Cassola (Vicenza, Italy) on board two small ULM airplanes. Our flight will last 110 hours and include landing and taking off from 40 different airports. We will travel 22,000 km altogether and fly over 14 states. After crossing the Mediterranean Sea, the North African deserts, the forests of India, and enjoying an unforgettable birds-eye view of the coasts and islands of Malaysia and Indonesia, we will glide over the deserts of Australia and finally reach our destination - Sydney, Australia - on a journey lasting 22 days.
Born in 1966 - Businessman - Has been flying since 1987 totaling over 2,800 hours of flight-time. Past sports endeavors: Has been practicing hang gliding since 1987. Ranked 5th in the 1989 Hang-Gliding Acrobatic World Championship and 4th in the 1989 Acrobatic European Championship. Started paragliding the same year. In 1993 he decided to put his passion to interest as a hang gliding and paragliding instructor and, from 1996 to 2006, as an instructor and examiner for Aero Club d’ Italia. He has also been a 3-axis pilot since 2002 and a glider pilot since 2005. WHY DO YOU WANT TO GET ON BOARD? "I had been thinking of an endeavor like this for over 10 years! My desire to fly by all means, take it to the limit, explore new frontiers, and visit unknown countries has never ceased to burn inside of me. Antonio lit up the fuse - and here we are now!!
Born in 1963 - Businessman - Has been flying since 2009 totaling 500 hours of flight-time. Past sports endeavors: As a race car driver he earned, among others, the 2010-12 CIVM Italian GT Championship and won the TIVM North title in 2007-08. He was also winner of the 2009-11 Italian GT CUP on a Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 430, and Porsche 997. WHY DO YOU WANT TO GET ON BOARD? "One day, while we were in a beautiful small island of Croatia, Roberto says,: 'Why don't you come along to Australia on a ULM?' I thought he was kidding and immediately said 'yes'. But it was not a joke! Roberto went ahead with the organization and all I've got to do now is win my wife over, cover the budget and off I am... "


Ozzano 2012

As our tradition we have participated in the latest edition of Cielo & Volo held in Ozzano.




The Syncro, top range aircraft in terms of performance and comfort, ideal for long distance transfers due to low fuel consumption combined with high-speed cruising


The Catalina R582 NG, is a fun and safe aircraft that can deal with a prohibitive sea conditions in relation to classics amphibians aircraft , has obtained DULV certification.
The most powerful version with the Hirth 3 cylinder engine with 85 HP fuel injected, will be certified shortly after the development stage.


Present the Texan Top Class full optional version, equipped with the new leather interior, and the Texan Club oriented to flight schools.