Fly Synthesis produces and exports ultralight aicrafts made in composite materials all over the world. Fly Synthesis was born in the second half of eight's in Friuli, Region that has important aeronautical traditions, and where the Italian National Acrobatic Team-Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale has center. In 1991 the first ultralight aircarft completely made by composite fibres was born: Storch. It was the turning point for the ultralight aviaton refers to the other "tube and fabric" ultralight aircraft. In 2000 the old company was took over by a young and dinamic team: the actual Fly Synthesis S.r.l. was born. Sonia Felice, the President, and her new group modernized the company, and in only five year they won the "job and economy progress award".
Sales office follows the Italian market and the dealership net around the world. Its helpfulness, its preparation and attention to the demands of the client are its points of strength.
Tecnical office manages the R&D, the development of the new projects, aircrafts certification and structural tests. The technical office, assisted from the production, is busy to the constant improvement of our aircrafts. Quality office obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate in August 2006. 
 With pride and with particular attention, Fly Synthesis follows its composite technologies department . The study of the new technologies and the severe tests on the materials guarantee the maximum safety and the competitiveness of our products. In our departments there are qualified and passionate employee. Our aircrafts are realized with handicraft care which characterizes for a long time our production. TEvery aircraft delivered to the client becomes so "him" aircraft.
Every costumer can customize his aircraft respect to his necessity and style. Our employee, pilots and collaborators seek perfection...this permit us to growing up and winning the future challenge.


In september 2006, Fly Synthesis S.r.l. left the old factory in Gonars and moved in Lavariano of Mortegliano (UD), where the famous military runway is located. Fly Synthesis is the unique concessionaire of this concrete strip. 
The factory has a productive area of 3.000 qm, separated in two departments: composites and assembly division.The plant layout was studied to minimized the time of production, to improve the productivity by the best inner space exploitation, and to ensure safety and good work conditions for our employee.
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