The Risano's runway, situated among Lavariano and Risano and belonged to the military property, is used as airstrip, as per a convention stipulated with the local governement of Mortegliano. The runway, long over 1 Km, it is one airstrip of those done build from the Austria-Hungary Emperor Francesco Giuseppe, between Trieste and the west plain of Gorizia, to the beginning of the First World War. These landstrips overcame the hundred and they served to guarantee the aerial superiority to the empire; in the developments of the conflict, they passed then under the Italian command. The landstrip of Risano, in the Italian chessboards, resulted to be a structure of support to the Saint Maria la Longa's airstrip, distant some Kms and center of the First Airplanes Group; in the adjacent spaces the runway of Risano, were present all the necessary infrastructures.   During 1917, a notable increase of traffic was had on these fields, that it culminated in August with the XI Battle of Isonzo river. Stopped the conflict and up to 1936, year when some aircrafts departed for the military campaign of Ethiopia, over Lavariano there practically was not more aerial activities, except in April of 1941, during a crisis period with Yugoslavia Toward the end of the Second World war, the area was requisition by the Luftwaffe, that used her/it to try a last resistance to the allied advance. During the retreat, the Germans didn't do in time to destroy the surface of the runway. If the effects of the time are neglected, the mantle of the runway is practically maintained intact. In the preceding months at the end of the war, the runway of Risano was used by allied aerial departments; on the runway one day landed the commander Eisenhower, become then the 34th President of the United States. From the years '50 the whole area has been abandoned, but thanks to the Fly Synthesis the runway is taking back life. 

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